About Stevens & Lee/Griffin

About Stevens & Lee/Griffin

About Stevens & Lee/Griffin

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Stevens & Lee/Griffin is a multidisciplinary professional services platform with approximately 150 attorneys and 50 non-lawyer business and consulting professionals representing clients on a regional, national and international scale. Stevens & Lee/Griffin consists of the following companies:

  • Stevens & Lee: A full-service law firm – one of the 200 largest law firms in the nation
  • Griffin Financial Group: A FINRA-licensed investment bank – the largest headquartered in Pennsylvania
  • Griffin Stevens & Lee Government Consulting: A state and local government revenue and operations consulting business
  • Financial S&Lutions: A swap and derivative advisory business to state and local governments and non-profit institutions
  • Griffin/Stevens & Lee Tax and Consulting Network: A mature network of 25 tax, accounting, consulting and technology professional services firms, primarily operated by former Big Four professionals
  • Pinnacle Risk Services: A D&O and E&O insurance risk consulting business
  • A Government Affairs and Public Policy unit
  • Stevens & Lee/Griffin International: An international consulting firm focused on export assistance and international trade and investment

Our platform’s multidisciplinary professionals represent clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and across the country from 15 offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York City, Virginia, Texas and South Carolina.

An Industry-Driven Professional Services Platform

The Stevens & Lee/Griffin platform brings diverse experience, educational backgrounds and industry expertise to provide a full range of professional services to our clients. Driven by excellence, anticipation and innovation, we focus on understanding our clients’ strengths and limitations to uncover opportunities or discover potential threats. Our knowledge of our clients’ businesses and the industries in which they compete, along with our multidisciplinary platform, set us apart from other firms.

Our vertically integrated industry groups are comprised of legal, financial and accounting professionals, among others. The industries we serve include financial institutions, insurance, health care, state and local government, gaming, technology, telecommunications, life sciences, private equity, energy and higher education. We also serve a wide range of commercial and industrial clients, as well as clients operating in the services industry.

Our platform’s professionals have experiential, occupational and educational diversity. For example, we have on staff several former banking executives, including a former CEO; former hospital Chairmen and CEOs, a CFO and other senior executives; a licensed professional geologist; and numerous other industry professionals. We also have a number of lawyer and non-lawyer MBAs and CPAs on staff. We believe this collection of experience helps us to analyze clients’ situations more accurately and devise and deliver solutions more effectively. It also gives us an insider’s perspective into the industries we serve by having at one time sat on the other side of the desk.

Our clients and their needs are our focus. Client responsiveness with an emphasis on work quality is instilled in all of our professionals. We spend considerable time getting to know our clients and the industries in which they compete so we can deal with issues from our clients’ economic perspectives and help them find ways to increase their revenues or reduce their expenses. We recognize – and never do we forget – that we provide a service and that our success in an increasingly competitive market is determined by the delicate but direct relationship between the value we add and the price we charge.